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Graduation Film "Burn Out" (made in Gobelins and CalArts)

My latest animation demoreel !

A full-3D short movie we realized together with Jules Durand (aikikou.tumblr.com/) and Viviane Guimaraes (vivianevguimaraes.tumblr.comat Gobelins.
We created the characters from scratch (concept, modeling, rig and animation) and each person was responsible for a different character. I worked on the wolf (Lionel), Jules created the cat (Theo) and Viviane made the doe (Brigitte) , but we all animated the 3 of them.

A presentation of the work I did on the opening short for the Annecy Festival (2015) "Mary".
See the full short here : https://vimeo.com/131190143

This is a team project made in one month for a school exercise. We were five on it : I worked with  Céline DesoutterElena DupressoirViviane Guimaraes, and Ines Scheiber ). The music is by Ricado Ranzani.
I did the colorscript and painted the backgrounds, and a few character and FX animation.

I made this video for a school exercise. We were asked to "graphically interpret" a quadruped walk-cycle animation we had made before. This was an opportunity to learn compositing... (the music is from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" soundtrack).

This was an exercise to learn quadruped animation with Maya.

This was an exercise to put a 2D and a 3D walk-cycle in a 3D background. I did the character animations. The background was modeled with Alix Arrault, Charlène Chesnier and Jules Durand.


This was an animation and layout exercise : we were asked to represent a squirrel receiving a nut on his head. I chose the Scrat character. 

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